Shalakya tantra is one among Ashtanga Ayurveda, dealing with the study of diseases occurring above the Jatru, which includes Shiras, Karna, Nasa, Netra and Mukha and their management. Shalakya tantra mainly deals with the preservation and restoration of the health of indriyas. In Modern science; Ear, Nose and Throat are studied collectively in the specialized field called Otolaryngology or upper respiratory tract diseases which is colloquially known as ENT.

Shiro Rogas: Ayurveda has given prime importance to shirah, considering it as one of the three principal vital organs of the body where the prana or life resides. Charaka explains that all the sense organs and the channels carrying the sensory and vital impulses from the shirah are like the rays of the sun. The chief complaint regarding shiroroga is shirahshoola or headache which is an almost universal human experience. Headache or Cephalalgia is pain in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head and neck.

We offer treatments for the above conditions like Nasyam, Pichu, Sirodhara, Siropichu etc with special medicated oils.

Nasal Disorders : Today nose may be considered as the most abused organ in the body as it has to face the pollutants, clean and filter the warm and moist air before it is sent to the lungs. In Nasa roga adhikara detail description is given pertaining to symptomatology, pathogenesis and management of diseases pertaining to nose.

Nasal Blockage : This may be due to the edema and congestion of nasal mucosa due to allergy
or any nasal infection. During pregnancy many women complain of congested nose due to increased blood flow.

Sinusitis : It is the inflammation of Para nasal sinuses because of infection due to cold
or allergic episode. It can be acute when it is relieved within two weeks or chronic if it is persisting for several weeks with recurrent attacks. Apart from infection, there may be some other factors which can hamper drainage of sinuses like structural abnormality of the nose, turbinate hypertrophy, polyps, adenoids, diving and swimming, third molar tooth infection, nasal trauma or foreign bodies. The symptoms include nasal discharge which is greenish or yellowish, headache, post nasal drip, peri orbital swelling, heaviness in the head, facial pain, bad breath, fever, sore throat etc.

Snoring : It is the sound that occurs during sleep when the air flow is obstructed in the area where the tongue and upper throat meet the soft palate. It is estimated that 45% of adults snore occasionally and 25% snore habitually. It is more common in males and those who are overweight. The causes are poor muscle tone, long soft palate and uvula, stuffed or blocked nasal passages, adenoids, turbinate hypertrophy, polyps or deviated nasal septum.