Eczema Vicherchika

Eczema Vicherchika

The skin is the immune barrier of the body; it is the chiefly affected tissue. In ayurveda skin disease is called as kushta. There are variety of kushta’s mentioned in ayurvedic classics. Among them Vicharchika- Eczema comes under kshudra kusta ( non prominent skin disease).


Kusta- skin diseases has been explained in detailed manner along with its management in Agni purana and Garuda purana. (epics of india). Vicharchika is identified as an independent disease in Garuda purana.


Vicharchika - eczema is defined as variety of kusta causing a peculiar dermatological manifestation.


Eczema is non-contiguous inflammatory disease of the skin responses to endogenous or exogenous stimuli characterised by erythema, edema, and vascularisation, oozing and crusting.


The treatment of Vicharchika is lighted in almost all Ayurvedic classics. Acharya Charaka amplifies the scope of the term “Chikitsa”. In sutra sthana chapter 9/5, he opines that the mere removal of the causative factors of the disease may not always result in the total removal of the disease as such, because the effects of the disease may still continue to be operative. So Chikitsa –treatment aims not only at the radical removal of the causative factors of the disease, but at the restoration of the doshic equilibrium.


After the removal of deranged Kapha by vamana- medicated emesis Pitta by virechana- purgation and raktamokshan-blood letting and Vata by vasthi- medicated enema followed by samshamana oushadi’s – internal herbal medications should be administered.



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