Diabetes mellitus commonly known as blood sugar is a common and very alarming disease affecting about 30 % of world population. India has the largest Diabetes population in the world with an estimated around 40 million people, amounting to 6% -8% of the adult population.


The history of diabetes mellitus (madhumeha) can be traced back in 1000 BC (Caraka Samhita). Descriptions concerning the disease and its management are available in all Ayurvedic literature.


Caraka Samhita (1000 BC) and Susruta Samhita (1000-600 BC) defined madhumeha-diabetes mellitus as the disease in which the patient will have frequent urination characterized by astringent and sweet taste.


The high sugar levels in the blood produces the classical symptoms of madumeha viz- polyuria (frequent urination), polydipsia (increased thirst) and polyphagia (increased hunger).


All causative factors described in Ayurvedic classics prove that it is a life style disorder and which may have a genetic predisposition.

Diabetes mellitus is of two types-

Type I or Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM) and type II or Non Insulin Dependent

Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). Complete or near total insulin deficiency is found in type I while type II diabetes mellitus is characterized by variable degree of insulin resistance

Therapeutic Modalities and Advocacy for Diabetes mellitus

Nidana parivarjana- Avoidance of etiological factors Faulty lifestyle, faulty dietary habit, mental stress, day sleep and awakening in night.

Aahara - Diet - Katu (spicy), Tikta(bitter), Kashaya Rasa(astringent), Ushna(hot), Laghu (light), Ruksha(dry)

Vihara- lifestyle modification Aasanas , exercise

Aushadha - Medical Management through panchakarma (shodana therapy)

Advocating various procedures like udvartana,dhanyamla dhara, vasti,virechana.

Intake of various herbal formulations to reduce the insulin resistance and to revive pancrease.

In our ayurveda retreat hospital we follow the above guidelines to control the blood sugar levels and we also help to reduce the allopathic medications including insulin.


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