Back Pain

Low back pain is an important clinical,social,economic and public health problem affecting the population indiscriminately .the prevalence of LBP in Indian population has been found to vary between 6% (in general population)-94% (in workers)


Low back pain is common. The main cause for low back pain is a strain of the muscles, or other soft structures (e.g., ligaments and tendons) connected to the back bones (vertebrae).


Yogaratnakar- a famous book on ayurveda describes back pain under the heading of Vata Vyadhi- Diseases of vata (nervous system disorders and disorders of joints) as Kati Sandhigata Vata (Back ache).


In kati shoola (Back ache) pain is confined to the Kati Pradesha or the Lumbo sacral and sacroiliac region only. Pain can arise due to the vitiated Vyana Vata (Type of vata) which dries up the Shleshaka Kapha (synovial fluid ) in the joints creating friction which leads to the pain.


In ayurveda retreat we developed various special treatments like snehana (oleation), swedana( medicated herbal steam bath with medicated herbal milk, kashaya vasti(medicated enema wit decoction), matra vasti(medicated oil enema), kati vasti, kati pichu ect with some specially formulated internal herbal infusion , poly herbal compounds to address this chronic problem.


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