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 Kshara Karma (Application of Herbal Alkali)

There are many diseases which are not curable. Modern medicine or drugs are not as effective in treating diseases such as Bhagandra (Fistula in ano) Nadi Vrina ( Sinuses) Arbuda ( Cancer) Arsha (Piles), Dusta Vrina (chornic or non healing ulcers), CharmaKil (wart), Tilkalaka (Melanomas), External abscess, Diseases of the mouth and certain tumors of the mouth cavity. These are chronic conditions where sometimes medicine and surgery do not help. They can create a lot of complications and side effects. Ayurveda provides an answer to these - Kshara. Surgery is always feared by even those who advocate it. Many times, a patient is not fit to undergo a surgical operation. Under such conditions, the alternative measure for advancing the result of surgery is always welcome. The external application of Kshara is used to treat various diseases. Furthermore, it can bring about the same result as a surgical operation without its pain and agony.

 Application of Alkali Medicated Thread (KSHAR- SUTRA)

  1. Kshar-Sutra is Ayurvedic Medicated thread
  2. Kshar-Sutra ligation is indicated on Piles & Fistula in Ano Diseases
  3. Chance of recurrence is negligible
  4. Chance of bleeding is very rare
  5. Safe therapy for all age groups, irrespective of their health conditions.

This Kshara Sutra is used for treatment of fistula-in-ano, hemorrhoid, sinuses, warts and cancer. Kshara Sutra was first used for sinuses and fistulas. The management of anal fistula with Kshara Sutra therapy is well established.

 Method of preparation OF ALKALI THREAD

The standard kshar sutra is prepared by repeated coatings of snuhi ksheera (latex of Euphorbia nerifolia), apamarg kshar (ash of Achyranthus aspera) and haridra powder over a surgical linen thread no. 20. This thread is spread throughout lengthwise in hangers. Each thread on the hanger is then smeared with snuhi latex with the help of gauze piece soaked in the latex. This wet hanger is transferred in kshar sutra cabinet. Same process is repeated next day. Eleven such coatings with snuhi ksheera alone should be accomplished. Twelfth coating is done by first smearing the thread with ksheera and in wet condition thread is passed through the apamarg kshar. It is again transferred into the cabinet for drying. This process is repeated till seven coatings of snuhi ksheer and apamarg kshar is achieved. Final three coatings are completed with snuhi ksheera' and fine powder of turmeric in the same fashion. Thus twenty-one coatings over the thread are completed.

 Mode of action

Kshar Sutra is now a popular treatment modality in India for the management of fistula in ano. Many clinical trials have been done all over in different institutes to evaluate the action. In countries like Sri Lanka and Japan, many clinical trials have already been conducted and established its results. Precisely the action of Kshar sutra is thought to be due to its healing and cleansing effect according to Ayurveda. It can be suggested that due to the anti microbial action, and as a saton it allows the proper drainage of pus from the fistula, that leads to a proper healing. On the other hand the cutting effect of thread incises the skin gradually without a surgical incision. Many studies confirm that it is more effective in the way of reducing hospital stay and less infective than the conventional seton therapy.


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